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Gynaecological office in Andrychów – Alicja Kolber, specialist in gynaecology and obstetrics

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Alicja Kolber, a gynaecologist/obstetrician offers professional medical care including prevention, diagnostics and treatment of women's diseases since 1998. She also provides competent gynaecological advice and comprehensive obstetric care for pregnant women. The services of the gynaecological office are available to patients from the wadowicki district.


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Range of medical services offered:

General and oncological surgery

  • Gynaecological advice (regarding e.g. contraception, menstrual disorders, menopause)
  • Cytological tests
  • Breast ultrasound examination
  • Gynaecological ultrasound test, including ultrasound examination of the reproductive organ with an endovaginal (EV) transducer
  • Ultrasound ovulation monitoring
  • Diagnostics and therapy of the reproductive organ diseases
  • Diagnostics and therapy of infertility
  • Obstetric care over pregnant patients
  • Early pregnancy ultrasound examination and morphological ultrasound test in 24-26 week of pregnancy
  • Qualification for surgical procedures

The gynaecological office is fitted with advanced equipment (e.g. Siemens Acuson X150 ultrasound device with broadband transducers). Due to extensive knowledge and high competence of the gynaecologist, Alicja Kober, visits in the office are always stress-free and conducted in a friendly atmosphere.


Addresses and opening hours of the surgical offices:

ul. Rynek 26A, 34-120 Andrychów Gabinet jest czynny w poniedziałki i czwartki
w godzinach ustalonych telefonicznie pod numerem: 608 651 013
(kontakt możliwy od poniedziałku do piątku w godz. 20.00-20.45)